A modern and intuitive intranet solution that employees want to use.

Engage employees, measure adoption, and empower users to easily search and manage content on your intranet with  IntranetPro - an enterprise intranet platform built on SharePoint. 

IntranetPro Intranet Solution


Say goodbye to your outdated, clunky intranet software. Give your employees a modern intranet experience with IntranetPro.

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Stop spending so much time searching for things on your intranet. Find what you need quickly and easily with IntranetPro.

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No more submitting help-desk tickets to manage the content on your intranet. Take back ownership of your intranet with IntranetPro.

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Goodbye, Guesswork

Gone are the days of not knowing how your intranet content is performing. IntranetPro's engagement analytics help you understand how employees use your SharePoint site. Engage each user with a personalized experience. Measure engagement with a powerful analytics engine. Adapt to change with easy content management. Finally, an enterprise intranet your employees will want to use that's simple for you to manage.




Engage Employees

Empower people. Save time.

Provide a modern, personalized experience. Greet each user with a unique homepage tailored to their needs and interests. Encourage conversation with liking, commenting, and sharing. Make it easy for users to find what they're looking for.

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Measure Adoption

Gain insights. Remove uncertainty.

Quantify employee engagement. Measure views, likes, comments, and shares on your content. Identify trends to discover what engages your employees. Monitor engagement, learn what's working, and track progress.

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Adapt to Change

Take control. Get things done.

Easily make changes based on feedback. Compose engaging content with simple, inline editing. Create events, author articles, manage users, and promote content with ease. No confusing, back-end procedure. No technical skills required.

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IntranetPro is intuitive and modern. It has a clean, user-centered design that adapts to the likes and needs of individuals. It exceeded my expectations. I'm impressed!

chris harrer

Director of Internal Communications, Cox Communications

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