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Why Organizations Are Doubling Down on Internal & Crisis Communications Right Now

Discover why organizations are doubling down on internal comms to engage staff and ensure open and honest internal communications across the workforce. Read the blog post for insights and examples of why you should improve your overall internal communications strategy to cultivate an engaged and committed workforce.

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Aaron Bandoly

Aaron has been the Operations Intern for Codesigned since may of 2018, lending his skills to Operations, QA, and other areas of need.

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Keeping Data Secure in Office 365

Security mitigators and breaches are coming to the forefront of all organizational IT decisions. Let's dive into some of the simple steps an organization can take to improve their security on the ...

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Everything you need to know about SharePoint Versions

With so many different versions of SharePoint in use right now, let's go over some of the key changes in each version.

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6 Ways to Clean Up the Office Inbox

Modern offices can't function without email but it's also hampering productivity. Check out these tips for reducing the clutter of your organization's inboxes.

Internal Communication

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The Importance of Branding your Intranet

Intranets can add a lot of value to an organization. But there are a few tweaks one can make to ensure you get the most out of your intranet. Let's take a look at branding and see how it can add to ...

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5 Signs of Poor User Experience Design

There are numerous indicators of a product having a poor user experience design but there are a few common factors that most products suffering from poor UX designs will exhibit. Let's take a look at ...

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The Importance of Quality UX Design

User Experience Design is one of the most important parts of designing anything, and intranets are no exception. Find out why UX design is vital to the success of your next intranet.

User Experience

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The Wait is Over, SharePoint 2019 is  Here

It's been almost three years since SharePoint 2016 hit the scene. With it, SharePoint Online got a facelift that made it both mobile and user-friendly. With SharePoint 2019, it looks like SharePoint ...

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Keeping Your Office Connected with Your Intranet

One of the hardest things for any organization is keeping your employees engaged and informed, even when they don't work in the office. An intranet may be part of the solution.

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Is Your Intranet Hurting Your Company?

Bad intranets destroy company productivity, efficiency, and engagement. Here are some specific, supported examples of exactly what it can do to a company.

Employee Engagement

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