Can Intranet Analytics Measure Employee Engagement?

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If eyes are the window to the soul, then intranet analytics are the window to employee engagement. Intranet analytics are an important source of information for measuring intranet behavior, but it is important to remember that the capabilities of intranet analytics from one intranet platform to another can vary wildly. It pays to keep this in mind when procuring a new intranet solution.

Why are Intranet Analytics Important?

The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ comes to mind when I think of intranet analytics. Reliable intranet analytics provide intranet teams with valuable data and insights into intranet user behavior. Armed with this information, intranet teams can mould the intranet in a direction that appeals to the intranet users and workforce as a whole. Intranet analytics can also be used to measure how engaged employees are with organizational goals and values.

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Without sound intranet analytics, intranet managers have no line of sight into the aspects of the intranet which are most popular and most accessed by intranet users. This can be anything from policies and procedures to a workplace event. Proficient intranet analytics enable organizations to make sound intranet decisions that are back by reliable data. Organization’s that forego solid intranet analytics leave intranet managers playing a guessing game and miss out on a great opportunity to measure intranet effectiveness and employee engagement in real-time.

Are Engaged Employees More Impactful?

Employee engagement is an important measurement for human resources and management teams alike, as it can have a profound impact on employee turnover, employee productivity and employee attitudes. An engaged workforce results in 21% greater profitability according to a study by Gallup. Hence, if profitability is an important metric at your organization, then adopting measures to increase profitability ought to be as well.

Employee recognition and feedback are an important feature on a company intranet and serve to showcase the employees who have gone above and beyond the line of duty and deserve to be appreciated. In an effort to encourage and reward this behavior, first it needs to be recognized. Providing employees with an intranet that enables them to engage and interact, empowers employees, According to a study by Salesforce, employees who feel as though their voice is being heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.

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Using an Intranet to Drive Employee Engagement

As aforementioned, intranet analytics are the ‘window to employee engagement’, so once we have access to the intranet analytics data what happens next? The knowledge gained from intranet analytics can highlight potential issues before they become critical problems, providing the intranet team a heads-up to plan to rectify a situation before it becomes a cause for concern.

Popular pieces of intranet content with high levels of employee interactions, such as likes and comments, can give an insight into the topics that truly engage your workforce. Such topics can be earmarked as ‘engaging topics’ resulting in the inclusion of data-backed engaging topics on the intranet content calendar.

intranet analytics for employee engagement

Intranet Search Analytics Quickly Reveal Intranet Faults

Reviewing the intranet search analytics can highlight pieces of content that employees are regularly searching for but are not able to locate, or are slow to find. This provides the information intranet teams need to include content that may have been omitted or to potential restructure content location and/or meta data to facilitate faster information retrieval.

Engineering Intranet Success with Intranet Analytics

Watch our free on-demand Intranet Analytics webinar to take a deep dive into real data scenarios on measuring and driving engagement using intranet analytics. Employee engagement is arguably the most important contributing factor to the overall employee experience, an important measure of employee turnover, productivity and job satisfaction, ignore it at your peril. Find out how to engineer intranet success leveraging intranet analytics by watching the webinar now!



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