Microsoft Ignite 2018 Announcements: Search

At Ignite 2017, MS announced an enhanced search experience for Office 365 and Windows 10. AI would come in and help find more an better results by personalizing results for the user. This year they announced an even greater expansion AI-driven search.

We talked briefly about search in our AI article, but we felt that search deserved its own announcement.

First and foremost, Search will be in a more prominent and consistent place across all of your applications. Much like how the File button is always in the upper left corner, get ready for that search bar to be in the same place everywhere.

Search will pull from all apps in O365, as well as from your local machine. Personalized search will be expanded, as well. Just clicking the text box will return results that are common to you. These results could be from any of your office apps, organization files, or local files.

Search will also do more than just pull up results for queries. Applications will be able to be commanded through the search bar. This functionality is currently live on some of their apps, but should be rolling out the rest in 2019. (You can try it in Word)

Finally, search won't just refine results most relevant to you, but also answer questions. It will be able to match word pairs from your questions with word pairs in organization documents to provide answers to your questions. This functionality will be in SharePoint, Bing,, Edge, Windows, and Office. So that's kind of awesome.




SharePoint Intranet Platform Demo


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