4 Part Live Webinar Series with Special Guests

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Join Codesigned and a panel of industry experts in this deep dive into internal communication strategy, tools to help your organization build communications at scale, and case studies of success and growth during change. Dave Watson of Neugame, Alison Davis and Caroline Hey of Davis & Company, and Amanda Norton of Texas Roadhouse will be joining. This 4 part series covers planning, executive buy-in, tool definition, and real-world examples.

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This ongoing webinar series will highlight insights and tools you can use today to set your organization up for success. 

Part 1: Internal and Crisis Communications: Creating a Playbook for Success

May 20th 2:30-3:15 EST 

Guest Dave Watson of Neugame Communications joins Jordan Weaver of Codesigned to walkthru strategy planning for Crisis and Internal Communications success. Dave has 20+ years of experience in crisis and change management spanning external and internal comms roles at agencies and companies, including Ketchum, Shandwick, Edelman, Aflac, The Home Depot, and Inspire Brands.

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Part 2: The Never Normal: Expert Guidance for Internal Communications and Change Management Today, Onward 

May 27th 2:30-3:15 EST 

Caroline Hey of Davis & Company joins Dave Watson and Jordan Weaver to provide expert guidance in this solutions-based roundup. Our panel will be responding to communications and change management questions live, and those sourced from our community during sign-up. All questions are anonymous, so ask away and pick the brains of people approaching the current crisis and the future state of affairs from all angles. We're excited to have Caroline Hey joining us, who brings over 25 years of experience from a journalist at the Boston Metro to communications roles at IBM, BlackRock, Benjamin Moore, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, and others.

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Part 3: One Key Lesson From the COVID-19 crisis: You Need a Modern Intranet Now More Than Ever

June 3rd 2:00-2:45

Codesigned CEO Jake Weaver hosts guests Alison Davis and Caroline Hey of Davis & Company for a lively discussion on the strategy and technology needed as enterprise business goes increasingly deskless and remote.

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Part 4: Real-World Case Story: Crisis Communications at Texas Roadhouse

June 12th 2:30-3:15

Amanda Norton of Texas Roadhouse joins Jordan Weaver of Codesigned to explore how Texas Roadhouse has pivoted business model to during COVID, first adopting a basic to-go offering, then adding in a curbside pickup to allow for additional contactless options. Communications have been vital as they keep thousands of employees working together across over 500 locations.

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Sign up for the series today! Simply register once, and be registered to attend all four webinars in the series. We'll be sending out recordings of each webcast upon its completion for those that can't make a session live.



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