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IntranetPro: Express Communications

Keep your team connected with an urgent and crisis communication platform built to scale. Deploys in one week flat.

Lightweight Platform for Internal Communications and Crisis Management

We’ve designed IntranetPro: Express Communications to provide organizations a rock-solid, communications focused platform so you can keep your workforce connected and engaged - wherever they are.



Build to Scale

Pulling on best practices from over a half-million users, we designed IntranetPro: Express Communications with the critical tools used by award-winning Intranets across industries. This SharePoint Intranet launches rapidly and is built to scale so you grow with features as needed. On day one Express Communications comes loaded with:


A community to broadcast and store crucial information. Easy drag and drop content authoring and intuitive search.

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Urgent read alerts to keep your organization abreast of the latest updates.

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Quick Links

Essential information and documents front and center.

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Applications, utilities, and tools employees rely on, easily accessible on their homepage.

IntranetPro has been essential with our COVID-19 employee communications. Knowing our organization has one place for up-to-date company news and updates, and understanding how employees engage with that content has really assisted our business during this time.


Senior Manager, Digital Communications, Cox Communications

A Modular Framework

Intranet projects are massive undertakings, yet having a modern single source of truth in your organization is critical now. Express Communications is purpose-built to solve this dynamic, letting you nimbly implement on a hyperfocused scale while you roadmap out your complete solution.

  • Design and deploy branded IntranetPro: Express Communications homepage ASAP.
  • Provide training on essential tools and features like News, Content Authoring, Alerts and Tools.
  • Best in class news authoring and alerting features for instantaneous publishing of essential news and rapid communication with a remote workforce.
  • Assign a dedicated Senior Customer Success Manager to guarantee you launch on-time and fully onboarded.

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