Broadcast Communications on your Enterprise Intranet with IntranetPro

Broadcast alerts provide better intranet communications in a dynamic workplace.

Workplaces have become fast-paced environments where information travels rapidly throughout and organization. Keep up with your employees and improve the accuracy and speed of internal communications with Broadcast Alerts on your custom enterprise intranet from IntranetPro.

Superior Intranet Communications from IntranetPro

Increase Productivity... and Your Bottom Line

Increasing productivity is an obvious benefit of improving methods of communication in your organization. But announcements appearing front and center on your enterprise intranet in the space employees already use to engage with each other and communicate internally across departments provides a unique opportunity to be heard by the entirety of your company. This can lead to better employee engagement and a serious positive impact on your bottom line. 

IntranetPro Enterprise Intranet


Enterprise Intranet Targeted Announcements

Not only can you reach all employees at once with IntranetPro's enterprise intranet, but you also have the power to target announcements to certain departments or groups. Effective intranet communications means no more mass emails with information that doesn't matter to some employees. By targeting announcements, you can increase the reach of your alerts and the probability they'll  be read and understood by your audience. Announce information that matters to your employees with an enterprise intranet built for the modern business world.


Intranet Communications to Empower Your Employees

Communication is vital in every organization. Speed up the time it takes to reach every single member of your firm with alerts and announcements displayed in the top navigation of your enterprise intranet. From urgent time-sensitive updates, to community fundraising event announcements, a custom enterprise intranet empowers management to speak to every member of every department instantly and empowers all employees to know important information exactly when they need to. 

Communicate to every one of your employees with IntranetPro using the Broadcast Alerts feature. See the power of a ready-made enterprise intranet with IntranetPro and schedule a demo today.

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