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A Ready-made Modern Intranet Built with your Needs in Mind

You need a modern intranet your employees will want to use that's simple for you to manage. We created IntranetPro to help. Of course, it has all the features you would expect from a SharePoint intranet, but you need more. Ready to check out IntranetPro?

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Provide a personalized, modern intranet experience.

Engaging employees is key to your intranet's success. IntranetPro helps users see content that's relevant to them and encourages engagement. The result? An intranet people like and want to use that makes you look like a hero.

IntranetPro SharePoint Intranet


Welcome employees to their SharePoint intranet.

Greet employees with a unique homepage tailored to their needs and interests. Welcome users by name to a content feed based on what's relevant to them. Give easy access to relevant information with bookmarks, quick links, weather, and birthdays.

1.2 Discover


Explore sites based on your interests.

Discover department and community sites in your organization. Read articles, access documents, share updates, and check out photos and videos. Keep important information easily accessible with Pages, rich-text areas for a variety of content.

1.3 Follow


See content that's relevant to you.

Follow departments and communities to keep up with their activity. See a personalized content feed on your unique homepage based on the sites you follow. No more digging through the clutter. Focus on what you care about most.

1.4 Interact


Promote social connection.

Encourage users to interact with one another and content on your intranet. Like, comment on, and share articles, events, updates, photos, and videos. Drive engagement by inspiring conversation in fun, familiar ways.

1.5 Find


Search smarter, not harder.

Finally, a better way to find things. News, events, and documents from every department and community are collected in three content hubs. Browse all news articles, uncover events across your organization, and refine your search for that one document you can never find.


Quantify employee engagement.

If you want to improve employee engagement, you have to be able to measure it. IntranetPro measures engagement, collects data, and displays it in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Make data-backed decisions that drive engagement.

IntranetPro - The Modern SharePoint Intranet


Give engagement a number.

Stop relying only on qualitative methods of measuring employee engagement. Use a tool that measures engagement for you. Count views, likes, comments, and shares to learn what's engaging and who's engaged. Hello, measurable data. Goodbye, guesswork.

2.2 Calculate


Measure all engagements.

Collect engagement data from content in all departments and communities. Account for every news article, event, document, update, photo, and video. IntranetPro's analytics engine calculates engagement data for you. No tricky setup. No extra tools.

2.3 Compile


Assemble your data.

Gather all engagement data in one location. Understand engagement at a glance with an easy-to-read analytics dashboard. Identify total engagements, engaged employees, engaging content, and engaging departments and communities. Compare timeframes to see progress.

2.4 Analyze


Interpret engagement analytics.

Dig deeper into individual reports for a closer look at your engagement data. Learn how individual employees engage with your content. See which departments and communities are driving engagement. Inspect engaging content to discover trends.

2.5 Confirm


Make inferences based on facts.

Use data from detailed reports to conclude what drives employee engagement. Determine which types of content perform best, and assess engagement levels over time. Confirm your theories with evidence, and learn how to continue engaging employees.


Make modern intranet changes with ease.

Too many intranets become outdated with stale content, but they don't have to. IntranetPro gives you back the reins. Update content, manage users, and control your intranet with ease. It's so simple, you'll forget it's SharePoint.

IntranetPro - Modern SharePoint Intranet


Build sites with a few clicks.

Generate a new department or community in minutes. Assign a name and purpose, and determine an access level. Add collaborators, and get to work right away. There's no need for complicated instructions. You can do it all right on the page.

3.2 Author


Compose content like a pro.

Simplify article creation with a clean design and minimal effort. See what your published article will look like while you are authoring and editing it. Publish your article right away, or schedule it to go live at a later date. Finally, an easier way to create intranet content.

3.3 Insert


Fill your intranet with content.

Add content to department and community sites in no time. Upload documents, photos, and videos quickly and easily. Give varied content a home with Pages, a rich-text area in every department and community. Fill this space with content that meets your organization's unique needs.

3.4 Control


Influence what users see.

Relay your message without complication. Encourage engagement by featuring news articles on the homepage and news portal. Give brief updates to members of your organization with announcements. Notify employees about important information with emergency alerts.

3.5 Manage


Take charge of your intranet.

Govern your intranet without technical expertise or intricate procedures. Supervise members of departments and communities with simplicity. Administer permissions and security levels with a few clicks. Stay in command without having to ask for help.

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