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Your team needs to be connected now more than ever. No cost solution that deploys in one week flat.

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Rewrite the Story of your Enterprise Intranet

Your enterprise intranet doesn't have to be outdated, cluttered, and difficult to manage. IntranetPro helps people do their jobs better, and it makes you look like a hero. Ready to learn why IntranetPro is not just an affordable intranet but also the best choice?

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Modernize Your

Enterprise Intranet

Employees will avoid a clunky, outdated intranet. Modernize your enterprise intranet so that people will use it and it won't go to waste.

IntranetPro is more modern and useful than our previous intranet. It's like going from a bike to a sports car!

Elizabeth Rasberry

Public Relations Manager, Cox Communications

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Enterprise Intranet Search

No one wants to sift endlessly through a cluttered intranet. Find what you're looking for in seconds. Search smarter, not harder.

I can easily access things that were so hard to find on our previous intranet. IntranetPro saves me tons of time!

Sophia Jackson

Field Operations Manager, Cox Communications

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Manage with Ease

It's hard to maintain an enterprise intranet that's difficult to update. Discover an affordable intranet with tools that empower and enable easy intranet management.Manage your intranet with ease using a tool designed to empower you.

IntranetPro is really, really easy to use. I love how quick and simple it is to add articles and manage content.

Leah Gladu

Communications Consultant, KWI

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IntranetPro vs. Alternatives

Custom SharePoint Intranet


Time Consuming

Starting from scratch with a custom SharePoint intranet can take more than a year to finish. By the time it launches, your needs will likely have changed.


More Expensive

Building a custom solution from the ground up requires ample resources and effort. Starting at square one costs more than beginning with a framework.


Greater Risk

Creating a custom intranet increases the probability of mistakes and unnecessary error. Why reinvent the wheel when there is a platform proven to work?

Other Pre-built Intranet



Other intranet platforms focus on delivering a checklist of features. The user's best interest isn't top of mind, which leads to low user adoption.


Difficult to Manage

Other platforms may not be hard to navigate, but they're still a pain to manage. If it still requires technical knowledge to update, it's not your best option.


Familiar Interface

They may look and feel a little different, but most other platforms still look a lot like SharePoint. If you want an intranet that users will enjoy using, look elsewhere.

Non-SharePoint Intranet


Platform Limitations

Intranet platforms that are not built on SharePoint have limited functionality. Many organizations who choose a non-SharePoint discover this too late.


Disconnected Tools

Using a non-SharePoint intranet platform can become messy and disorganized. Employees switch between various tools that don't all connect well with the intranet.


Expensive Scaling

Most non-SharePoint intranet platforms only offer per-user pricing. As your organization grows, your intranet becomes significantly more expensive to maintain.



Six-Week Deployment

Get a full-blown enterprise intranet up in running before next quarter. IntranetPro shortens your time to launch, so you can start using it sooner.



Save money, but don't sacrifice quality. IntranetPro has everything you would expect from an enterprise intranet, minus the high price tag.


Minimal Risk

Avoid opportunities for error by choosing a polished platform. IntranetPro is already designed and developed, so there are fewer chances for mistakes.




An intranet designed for people will be more successful in the long run. We created IntranetPro to help the people using it achieve their goals.


Complete Package

IntranetPro is more than just a pretty interface. It helps you manage your intranet without needing technical skills. Plus, it has built-in analytics.


Beautiful Design

Employees are more likely to engage with an intranet that's visually appealing. Our design team crafted IntranetPro with care, so people would want to use it.



Robust Platform

SharePoint is the most popular enterprise intranet software. IntranetPro is built on a powerful platform that has been the leader in intranets for years.


Seamless Integration

A SharePoint intranet doesn't just integrate with your other business tools. IntranetPro enhances your use of them by creating a smooth, unified experience.


Economical Pricing

IntranetPro doesn't structure pricing on a per-user basis. You can choose what's best for your organization with our different pricing options. Learn more here.

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